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LED Lighting

As we are experts in the electrical industry already and our long 15 year trading history confirms that we are perfectly capable of offering a supply only or supply and installation service for our range of LED lights.

Our unique selling point is that we combine our years of experience and knowledge in the electrical industry with our knowledge of the LED market and as we are 100% impartial to any product manufacturer we have the ability to select our products on the basis of quality, cost and reliability of sourcing.

We have spent a considerable amount of time dealing with a large number of LED lighting suppliers and feel that after an exhaustive selection process we have found the suppliers best suited to whatever our customer requirement may be.

Our LED lamp selection has been designed on the basis that the lamps can be quickly and simply installed in a customers existing light fittings so cost and interruption of the customers place of work are kept to an absolute minimum.

We offer lighting surveys (sometimes these are free, please ask!) where we can show you how much money you can save by selecting to replace your existing lamps for energy efficient LED lamps.

The government has developed a scheme to encourage the use of low energy equipment called the Enhanced capital allowance (ECA). The scheme enables qualifying business’s to reclaim the tax element of the cost of upgrading to low energy lighting back from the government by allowing it to be deducted by the customer in the first year of the installation. What do we mean?

Well, if a customer spent £1000.00 on low energy lighting and they paid the standard 21% corporation tax then they could simply deduct £210.00 from their annual corporation tax bill in the first year of the purchase. This would effectively mean the cost of the low energy equipment would have a potential total cost of only £790.00

To take this a little further, should a customer select to finance the £790.00 over 2 or 3 three years the monthly energy saving made would be more than the monthly finance cost and therefore the project would not cost the client any additional capital to benefit from the low energy upgrade.